Running supply chains is our business.
Applying operational excellence principles at each of our sites within the Eastern Region of Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, DR Congo, Tanzania and South Sudan.
Making business flow is our commitment to our customers.

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Address: SF 33 Kamu Kamu Plaza
Entebbe Road, Kampala.
P.O. Box 24481 Kampala
Tel: +256 705 424200
+256 784 331472
+243 976 790802

Welcome to Ledger Logistics

Whilst Ledger Logistics is not the oldest service providing firm in East Africa, it has the most experienced staff probably in the region. Our group executes its duties within the limits of three principles: Trust, Fast and Reliability.
We operate within the Eastern Region of Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, DR Congo, Tanzania and South Sudan. Our fully stocked offices with operational and administrative structures are established in the region.


We provide the fastest and safest courier services for baggage and mails within the eastern region of Africa.

Ticketing and Hotel Booking

Finding a cheaper and most efficient airline to your destination may be a hassle for you but not the case when you contact us


For many years, the central Africa has been the beginning of adventure, joy and learning.

Car hire

Getting a comfortable car with a reliable driver is not as easy as it would be with Ledger

Language interpretation

We hire experienced language translators for conferences and meetings; with experience in international languages such as English, French, German, Arabic and Swahili.

Exports and imports

We export, import and distribute genuine textiles and leather products from Ethiopia, Eritrea, DR Congo, Italy and Turkey.


We hire or supply a number items to governments entities, Embassies and individual clients; such as conference bags, flags of all countries, flag-poles, stationery